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From the very beginning of Natura Rab, we proudly lean back on the centennial historical heritage of…
Direct sales on the family farm Natura Rab in Barbat on the island of Rab.
Immune System Products
Immune System Products
INGREDIENTS: wild sage honey (260g), non-alcoholic propolis extract 30% (10 ml) Suitable for children…

Life mission of Natura Rab

By participating in ecological agriculture we want to be part of, and an active participant in the process of setting up a sustainable agro-ecosystem. The production is an original family-run business.

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Natura Rab products

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About the Products

These are pure natural products, special, original, stable and recognizable in their form, content and taste. The products have all the required quality and production process regularity certificates. The products are packed in suitable and ecologically acceptable packaging, individually or as a part of the "Rab eco-basket". Some of the products are unique and patented in Croatia as our brand.

Olive Tree Woodwork

Antiqua Arba Oliva
Unique cutting and serving boards
Unique neklaces


Eco basket

Our Eco basket is a handmade wicker basket, a replica of the traditional Rab basket, decorated with the island's herbs and filled with our authentic eco souvenirs. It has become a sort of a trade mark of the Croatian Littoral.

....price and offer on the request

Fine Drinks

Arba Organica
Honey brandy with selected herbs
Brandy (Grappa) with medicinal herb Ruta

Authentic Rab Delicacies

Delicium Arba
Honey Biscuits
Honey Vinegar
Fig Jam
Domestic walnuts in honey
Domestic olives in brine

Skin Care & Organic Tea

Herba Arba
Body Oils
Face Creams
Natural Soaps
Organic Tea

Olive oil

Oleum Arba
Extra virgin olive oil - PREMIUM QUALITY

Immune System Products

Arba Immune System
Propolis alc.
Salvia Immunity
Salvia Protect
Forest honey & Ceylon cinnamon

Organic Honeys

Api Arba
Sage honey
Honey medicinal herbs of Kvarner
Honey medicinal herbs of Primorje
Forest honey (region Gorski kotar)

Accommodation - Villa Seka

 Villa Seka

Family Villa Seka is placed directly along the sea side. In the year 2019 the house was thoroughly renewed, as well as equipped with new features which ensure a high quality service and a sumptuous vacation. In the spirit of Mediterranean culture, in order to ensure maximum comfort, complimentary pool and Finnish sauna have been added to the house. Along with accommodation, we also offer a safe boat mooring for boats up to 8m long, 1,80 €/m'/day and a car/trailer parking space. Fifty years of family heritage in accommodating tourists is a guarantee of a quality service. For vacation from 8-14 days we give 5% discount. For vacation from 15-30 days we give 10% discount.


parking place
internet access
towels for use
bedclothes for use
use of garden
swimming pool
concrete beach
pebble beach
tourist day-tax incl. price


beach 6 m
sea 6 m
city centre 6500 m
shop 1000 m
restaurant 50 m
sports 6500 m
doctor 6500 m
apothecary 6500 m
gas station 2500 m
cash machine 600 m
post office 6500 m
bus stop 400 m