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Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Price list

187 ml - OLEUM ARBA – premium- BOX 9,90 €
BOTTLE 750 ml OLEUM NATURA premium22,00 €
OLEUM BASILICUM 0,5 l - with Basil14,50 €

Accordingly therefore, we are proud to offer you multiple adaptations of our carefully selected extra virgin olive oils.

For customers in search of the very best, there is an exquisite extra virgin olive oil Oleum Arba, a coupage of centennial olive trees of Oblica sort & selected Italian sorts olive trees.

Secondly, an extra virgin olive oil Oblica - Orkula bottled 750ml, gently blended together for it to be used comfortably across a wide range of culinary applications.

During the summer season, our Olive Oil is further enriched with an addition of fresh organic basel originating from our own gardens. Our quest for searching the highest levels of appetizing enjoyment pushes us to find the forgotten tastes of the Adriatic.