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Skin Care & Organic Tea

Lavender oil

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100 ml14,90 €

Lavandula officinalis (lat.)

Apply Lavender organic massage oil over your whole body including  your face - enjoy its sedative effects. In addition to helping skin problems, lavender oil helps treat migraine, insomnia, stress, hight blood pressure - it can help ease psychic and emotional tensness. It is used to help reduce hairfall problem and dandruff. Lavender oil has been used as antiseptic and antirheumatic. Using lavender oil for inhalation we ease inflammation of the upper respiratory tract and asthma, and baths can help reduce physical pain.


Composition of Lavender Organic Massage Oil*: Extra Virgin Olive Oil, hand-picked lavender flower heads and buds.


*100% Organic - All components are organically grown and certified*