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Immune system products

Salvia Immunity

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260g / BOX21,50 €

This apitherapy organic product is an ideal mixture of non-alcoholic propolis concentrate with wild sage honey of the island of Rab. A balanced mixture has up to 15% greater health benefit than each ingredient separately.

It improves overall well-being, but it may be an especially efficacious treatment for the relief of symptoms of respiratory tract infections (RTIs).

The immune boosting properties of Salvia immunity are vital in strengthening the organism by supporting it to produce specific antibodies and thus it may be an effective biostimulator.

Salvia immunity is very effective when used as an antiseptic and natural antibiotic. Due to its high percentage of the propolis fluid extract it is a potent antiviral and antibacteric.



Salvia immunity is most effective when diluted with lukewarm beverage (tea, milk etc.), a level half-teaspoon per deciliter twice a day, on an empty stomach in the morning and as an evening routine before going to sleep.


INGREDIENTS: wild sage honey (260g), non-alcoholic propolis extract 30% (10 ml)

Suitable for children and adults.