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Fine Drinks

Fine Drinks

Fine Drinks based on honey, medicinal and cultivated herbs, home-made brandy.

Home made herb-flavoured brandy with selected wild Kvarner herbs and several species of autochthonous honey have produced a special, authentic, precious drink of a deep and distinctive taste and smell. This product in a way represents a synthesis of all our products in one.

It is an exquisite experience to drink it out of a clay "bicherin" (small brandy glass) as an aperitif but also as a digestive. The special taste remains if it is drunk well chilled.

Fine Drinks

Honey Brandy with selected herbs

Honey Brandy with Selected Herbs is created by blending high quality grape brandy with selected healthful wild herbs of island Rab & organic honey through…

Fine Drinks

Brandy with medicinal herb Ruta

Brandy (Grappa) with medicinal herb Ruta is created by blending high quality grape brandy with the herb Ruta through the process of maceration.