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Olive oil

Olive oil

Olive oil has been known for its medicinal characteristics. Regular and long term usage of olive oil in our diets reduces the risk of cardiovascular illnesses, gallstones, stomach ulcers and even cancer of the large intestine. It combines well with other vegetable oils as basic massage oil. Just the top quality olive oil is labelled like Extra virgin. It is oil with less than 0,8% of free fatty acids, it is the right bitterness and spiciness and its smell reminds one of a healthy olive fruit. The spiciness and bitterness sometimes seem too aggressive but it is only proof that the oil is rich in all those ingredients that have a beneficial effect on health and which are a waste to lose through cooking or frying. Olive oil is not only a precious, top quality condiment and a medicinal addition to food, it is also a symbol of blessing and success.

Olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Accordingly therefore, we are proud to offer you multiple adaptations of our carefully selected extra virgin olive oils.