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Organic Honeys

Organic Honeys

Over centuries honey has been used as food and medicine and bee-keeping an important and highly esteemed job. Perhaps the most beautiful saying about honey comes from the Greek philosopher Aristotle "Honey is distilled dew that falls from the stars".

Honey from the "Natura Rab" beehives is a precious natural gift from the island Rab and the Gorski kotar region.

As part of our business philosophy we produce rare highly aromatic honeys that with their direct bactericidal and medicinal effect take up the lead position in everyday alimentation. Rightfully people say "honey is the medicine of the 21 st century". Honey improves body immunity, it aids the production of blood, strengthens the heart and the vascular system. It has a calming, heeling and antibacterial effect. Because of its nutritional and bactericidal characteristics it is recommended as part of the diets of both healthy and ill people, especially for pregnant women, small and school children, adults, elderly, people who suffer from coronary and vascular ailments, heart neurosis, acute infections, irritated nervous system, anxiety, insomnia.

The best effect is achieved when honey is used in a lukewarm drink (milk, tea, water, fruit vinegar). The crystallization of honey is its natural characteristic. By heating honey to a temperature of over 40 o C its ferments are destroyed so that it is not real honey any more.

Organic Honeys

Forest honey (region Lika)

Forest Honey from Lika region stands out with its high share of mineral matter; especially of iron, copper and magnesium.

Organic Honeys

Honey medicinal herbs of Primorje

Multifloral Aromatic Honey “Bilje Primorja” is a floral honey of indigenous medicinal herbs from the south side of island Rab.

Organic Honeys

Sage honey

Word salvia comes from lat. salvus, which stands for healthy.

Organic Honeys

Honey medicinal herbs of Kvarner

Honey medicinal herbs of Kvarner ("Bilje Kvarnera") is a naturally composed mixture of flower honey of wild medicinal herbs of the island Rab.