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Immune System Products

Immune System Products

Immune System Products (Arba Immune System) were created as an ode to our significant historical heritage in beekeeping, thus consequently building up an irreplaceable experience in apitherapy that we’re nowadays able to streamline in pure, yet accessible form. Our flagship products from this particular product line are Salvia Protect (Herbal drops of Sage with Organic Sage Honey) and Salvia Immunity (Organic Sage Honey with undiluted non-alcoholic Propolis tincture). Each of these carefully formulated creations are the result of our own know-how, of which we are especially proud.

With a regular use of our Immune System Products our body is capable of benefiting from the active ingredients much more efficiently, then it would be with individual use, due to the synergy of their ingredients. All of the products from the Arba Immune System product line feature strong antivirus and antibacterial properties.

Immune System Products

Salvia Protect

Salvia PROTECT is food supplement, a product that combines sage herb drops with certified organic sage honey.

Immune System Products

Salvia Immunity

This apitherapy organic product is an ideal mixture of non-alcoholic propolis concentrate with wild sage honey of the island of Rab.

Immune System Products

Propolis alc.

Natura Rab produces 25% propolis tincture.

Immune System Products

Forest Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon

The optimal fuse of Organic of Silver Fir Honey and Ceylon Cinnamon is formulated with everyday health performance in mind.